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A variety of considerations need to be taken to mind when looking to hire an electrical contractor. You will probably want to look through local Orlando, Florida reviews and find out their specialties, for example. However, there is one thing that you can’t compromise on when you are looking to hire a contractor. Trust. The easiest way to start this is looking at their reviews and referrals.

Let’s take a look at why your contractor needs a license.


Becoming a licensed contractor isn’t a quick process. To obtain a license you need to follow several steps and take an examination as well as meet certain qualifications. Recertification is required by the state of Florida every two years, and the license requirement can differ by county and city. Being certified by the state, allows Elegant Custom Images to work throughout the ENTIRE state of Florida.

Liability And Workers Compensation Insurance

Having your project and those working on it properly insured can make a big difference. When you work with an Orlando, Florida electrical contractor who has a license, verify if they have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. In case something happens during your project, this allows you as a homeowner to be exempt from any liability/lawsuits.

Without these insurance policies, you could be held responsible for certain accidents or mishaps that happen while your contractor is on your property. You don’t want to put yourself at risk by using an unlicensed contractor.

More Likely To Know What They Are Doing

Any contractor in Orlando, Florida has to take and pass an examination. A variety of licenses exist for electrical contractors, including a standard Certified Electrical Contractor license. These exams test the contractor on their industry knowledge and contract management.

After passing a contractor exam, there is no guarantee you will get a perfect contractor, but chances are they will be better than an unlicensed contractor. They will also know Orlando, Florida code and ensure that everything meets local regulations.There is no question that at Elegant Custom Images we have your best intention in mind and will ensure your happiness.

Voided Warranties

Some products have warranties that state they should be installed by professionals only. If you hire someone without a license you could void the warranty for your products. Especially when you are using quality outdoor lighting products.

Less Likely To Scam You

Sure, there are scammers in every industry, but many scammers won’t go through the process of getting a contractor’s license. In Orlando, Florida, it isn’t as simple as applying to become a contractor. You have to fill out a good amount of paperwork and provide information to receive your license. With a licensed contractor, the homeowner has leverage. If there is a developing issue, the contractors’ license is at stake.

Scams increase after a storm so verifying a contractor’s license before starting an outdoor lighting project can help you to ensure you have found the real deal. Don’t take a contractor’s word that they have a license; make sure that you look said license up.

You Have Somewhere To Turn

If something goes wrong or your licensed contractor disappears you have somewhere to turn. You can approach the state licensing board and report your contractor. This can result in their license getting pulled and other actions such as bonds being paid out to you. Of course, this is dependent on the findings of the state authority, but you have somewhere to turn if a problem arises with your landscape lighting or outdoor lighting project.

Many people look for the lowest bid when they are picking a contractor. Just aiming for saving money can cost you in the long run. For the reasons above and more, you should always look for a licensed electrical contractor. You want the project done right the first time and that means looking for the right person to do the job.

Contact us today and discover just how important is it to use a licensed contractor