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Outdoor Lighting WindermereYou’ve spent the time and money to create that beautiful landscaping in your front yard, or that exquisite walkway leading up to your home in Orlando. Now it’s time to make your hard work visible. Gently illuminating the area with some low voltage landscape lighting will provide you, your family and your home with a number of valuable benefits.

One of the most obvious of these benefits is, of course, that the lamps can give nighttime accentuation to the features of your yard’s landscaping, as well as any architectural focal points that you’ve integrated. This is often done by “uplighting,” casting dramatic light upwards to shine on a fountain, shrubbery or patch of small trees.

Another use of low voltage landscape lighting is to help make stone paths, stairs and such more safe by shining some light downwards onto those walkways in the darker evening hours. This type of downlighting is also often found along the perimeter of patio areas, flower beds and gardens. Fixtures are available in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing for flexibility in their use, and letting them blend into the natural look of the scenery they’re highlighting.

You can also give yourself a subtly lit area to enjoy some time in the evenings, after the sun has gone down. Whether you are lighting an area elegantly for entertaining groups of friends, or just wanting some faint glow for your quiet spot to relax after hours, low voltage landscape lighting will be a great addition to your Orlando area home.

The overall security of your home can be increased by using these same types of light fixtures to scatter light along its exterior. Well-lit fences, gates and walls are a deterrent to many would-be wrongdoers.

Requiring considerably less electricity than other high voltage (120 volt) alternatives, going the low voltage (12 volt) route ensures energy efficiency and a far lower cost to both install and sustain. The bulbs can last longer than halogen and incandescent varieties, bringing additional savings. Being so cost effective, it’s realistic to be able to fully illuminate all parts of your property that you care to and it’s easy and affordable to expand your existing landscape lighting setup whenever you choose to. So be aware of, Why Integrity is Important When Choosing an Outdoor Lighting Contractor.

Between the aesthetics and safety it can provide your family, the enormous cost savings, the versatility, and the environmental friendliness, a low voltage system might be the perfect solution to your landscape lighting needs. You are just a quick, easy and safe installation away from enjoying all of the benefits that they offer.

For a free estimate on installing low voltage landscape lighting to your Orlando area home, call Elegant Custom Images at 321-217-7822.