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The widespread adoption of LED outdoor landscape lighting in Orlando has significantly contributed to the city’s energy conservation efforts. As a trusted provider of low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting, Elegant Custom Images has been instrumental in this transformation, helping residents enhance their property values while reducing energy consumption.
Explore our photo gallery to discover how our energy-efficient, low-voltage landscape lighting solutions can illuminate and elevate your Orlando landscape. Taking cues from the architectural design of your home, we meticulously tailor our designs to enhance visibility and create the perfect ambiance that aligns with your personal style.

As certified landscape lighting contractors in Orlando, FL, we remain at the forefront of outdoor lighting technology, ensuring that our designs leverage the most cost-effective and innovative solutions available.

Experience the transformative power of landscape lighting in Ormond Beach, FL. Naples, FL. Entrust Elegant Custom Images to illuminate your outdoor space with unparalleled elegance and efficiency.

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We Only Use The Best Products In Our Installations

Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Illuminate your landscape with Elegant Custom Images’ selection of premium lighting fixtures, tailored to meet your needs and style preferences. Our Heavy Cast Brass fixtures exemplify excellence in quality and durability, sourced from a reputable manufacturer with years of industry experience.

For those seeking a balance between quality and affordability, our Milled Brass fixtures offer exceptional value. Backed by a 25-year warranty, these heavy-duty fixtures promise longevity and performance, making them a wise investment for your landscape lighting needs.

Some landscape lighting firms promote low-cost aluminum lighting fixtures. But, there is a big trade-off when it comes to durability, particularly in Florida. While some may be tempted by low-cost aluminum fixtures, their susceptibility to rust and corrosion in Florida’s climate poses significant drawbacks. Unlike brass fixtures, aluminum alternatives lack the durability to withstand the region’s heat and humidity, often succumbing to premature wear and tear. Opting for brass ensures longevity and resilience, providing enduring beauty and functionality for years to come.

Elegant Custom Images


Experience superior performance with our stainless steel transformers, engineered to withstand Florida’s climate with a 25-year lifespan. Wrapped in silicone for corrosion resistance, our transformers range from 300 watts to 1500 watts, ensuring optimal voltage delivery for your landscape lighting system.

Our multi-tapped transformers enable precise voltage adjustments at every location on your property, essential for halogen gas bulbs that rely on heat for illumination. Proper voltage regulation is critical to prolonging bulb life and preventing damage to fixtures. With multiple commons, our transformers distribute amp loads evenly, ensuring efficient operation and maximizing longevity. Choose reliability with our transformer solutions, designed to keep your landscape lighting system running cool and enduring for years to come.

This is an important piece as the bulbs are halogen gas bulbs. They require heat to light the bulb. Voltage provides the heat. If the voltage is too high or low, then the bulbs will burn at a faster rate. Too high on the voltage very well could destroy the lighting fixture on top of everything else. So the proper amount of voltage is an absolute must. They all have multiple commons, which allow us to spread the amp loads out across the transformer and keep the system running as cool as possible. Remember, the cooler things run, the longer they last!

Elegant Custom Images

Landscape Lighting Bulbs

Illuminate your outdoor space with our 75,000 to 50,000 hour rated LED lights, offering longevity and energy efficiency. Choose from a range of colors including warm white, standard white, and cool white to achieve your desired ambiance. With meticulous design and precise voltage regulation, our landscape lighting systems ensure optimal performance for years to come.

For utmost reliability, we utilize high-quality 12-gauge wire for all home runs, ensuring durability and safety with UL-approved underground burial wire. Rest assured, our lighting wire is guaranteed for the lifetime of your system, providing peace of mind and enduring performance.


At Elegant Custom Images, we include brass crimpling and place the connections and long heavy-duty grease tubes so that they will not fall apart and stay waterproof. Each connection is meticulously soldered at the hubs, ensuring they cannot pull apart. We reinforce them with brass crimping and encase them in durable grease tubes, housed within a main hub for added protection against water ingress. This meticulous approach guarantees waterproof connections with optimal conductivity, essential for enduring performance, especially in Florida’s climate. Unlike wire nuts or clamp-type connections, our method ensures the integrity and longevity of your landscape lighting system for years to come.

We offer a broad range of lighting solutions and more.

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