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residential landscape lightingOne of the best ways to show off your Orlando area home and yard is with landscape lighting. When done right, landscape lights can greatly enhance the beauty of your home, improve your curb appeal, and even increase your home’s value. But you may attempt some mistakes while landscape lighting installation.

You have a couple of choices when you want to light up your yard. You can hire a professional to design and install landscape lights for you, or you can buy equipment yourself online or at a local hardware store. Which way should you go? To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of professional landscape lighting installation versus doing it yourself.

Professional Landscape Lighting Installation

Hiring a professional contractor has many benefits. When a pro like Elegant Custom Images installs your outdoor lights, you’ll end up with a beautiful design that shows off your home and yard. You’ll be very happy with the final result.

A professional outdoor lighting contractor will make sure you get the right lights for your home. Whether you want safety lights, pathway lighting or something to highlight your landscaping, a professional will ensure your landscape lighting does the job. It’s not enough to have the right lights. The fixtures that hold the bulbs make all the difference. At Elegant Custom Images, we use heavy brass fixtures, which stand up to Central Florida’s heat and humidity. These fixtures also have a 25-year warranty, so if anything does go wrong, you’ll be covered.

Professionals take care of everything, so you won’t have to worry about code requirements or if permits are needed. Your contractor will also install your lights quickly and without hassle to you.

The main drawback of professional installation is you’ll probably pay more than if you do it yourself. However, landscape lighting companies in Orlando FL will use better quality light fixtures that will last longer. They also have the training and experience to do a better job.

Do it Yourself Outdoor Lighting Installation

The main benefit of installing your landscape lighting yourself is that you might save money on the fixtures.

Doing it yourself has some significant drawbacks, however. As a consumer, you only have access to lower end fixtures that won’t perform as well as professional-grade. These fixtures are typically made of aluminum, which easily corrode in Florida’s heat and humidity. Because of this, your outdoor lighting system won’t last very long and will need to be replaced sooner.

Installing landscape lights is hard physical labor and takes a long time if you’re inexperienced. Is this really how you want to spend your weekends? Remember, your time is valuable, too.

Working with electricity can be dangerous unless you know what you’re doing. And you’ll also need to research your local building codes to make sure your light fixtures meet them. If you have any distances to travel relative to putting in the wire, all the box stores offer is a 12 volt transformer. With significant voltage drop for distance, you will need a higher quality transformer that professional contractors install. These transformers have various voltage taps to account for distance.

Without assistance, it’s hard to figure out how much light you need, so your yard may end up too bright, or too dim. To get it right, you’ll probably end up hiring a pro to fix your lights, which will wipe out the money you saved by doing it yourself.

Save yourself some hassle and hire a professional lighting contractor right from the start. Fortunately, you have a great option in Orlando. Call Elegant Custom Images today at (321) 217-7822 to talk about installing landscape lights for your home.



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