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While just about any home improvement will add value to your home, there are some that provide the added benefit of increasing curb appeal, so you attract the largest number of interested parties when you put your home on the market. Curb appeal refers to the way your home looks from the street, and you can gauge that by looking back at your house from the sidewalk in front during the day and how it looks as you drive up after dark. If your home doesn’t look inviting at night – more like downright gloomy, in fact – it might be wise to consider professional landscape lighting design services.

When a family is looking for a home to purchase, they don’t just drive around neighborhoods in the light of day. They also do it at night so they can get a feel for how safe a particular street and property feels. A quality landscape lighting design will go a long way to piquing their interest in your home and that means they are more likely to schedule a tour. It also means that they recognize you have pride of ownership and that indicates you take good care of the home. All of these factors can result in a higher price being obtained when you sell your home because more potential buyers increase the chance of a bidding competition between buyers that can increase the final sales price.

If you would like to discuss a landscape lighting design for your Orlando, Florida home to increase its value from an enjoyment standpoint or for financial gain, reach out to us at Elegant Custom Images. We will be happy to meet with you to assess your home’s potential for a professional landscape lighting design that will provide safety, security, beauty, and added value.



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