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Exterior Lighting Experts In Central Florida
By Bob Kelly

Landscape lighting makes a great addition to your home in Orlando. Exterior lighting adds beauty, warmth and a measure of safety. If you’d like to add outdoor lights around your Winter Park home, along a pathway, in a garden or along your boat dock, you can do the job yourself, but dealing with electrical items outdoors can be a risky business. One improper connection can be dangerous. This type of work is best left to professionals who have the electrical and design training to make your home the showplace you envision. 

Here are some of the qualities shared by the best exterior lighting experts in Central Florida. Keep these attributes in mind when you interview landscape lighting contractors:

1. Knowledgable about lighting – The contractor should understand all the different options available for your landscape lights, such as which light fixtures to use, which brands and materials will work best for your needs, and what type of bulbs to use, such as halogen or LED. The best contractors are also certified lighting designers, who take the time to stay knowledgeable about advances in their field.

2. Licensed and InsuredCheck your contractor’s credentials to make sure he is licensed by the state of Florida and has insurance.

3. Willing to listen – The best exterior lighting experts in Central Florida take the time to listen to your concerns and take into account your budget. They won’t try to railroad you into buying the most expensive lights and fixtures. They will answer all of your questions and offer advice based on their knowledge and experience.

4. Passionate – Is your contractor excited about working with you? You should be able to discover this right away if he smiles, and willingly offers advice about your lighting project. Someone who is passionate usually goes out of their way to help you – offering suggestions on how to cut costs, for example. Their ultimate goal is not to make the sale, but to make you happy.

5. Proud – Does your contractor offer references without being asked? Does he willingly show you photos of past jobs to give you ideas on what exterior lighting design can be used at your home? If so, you can be fairly certain your contractor is proud of his work and will do his very best to provide quality service to you.

6. Reliable – The best landscape lighting contractors call you back when they say they will, and arrive on time, with the proper equipment. They can be counted on to deliver excellent service when you need it.

7. Honorable – An honorable contractor is one who is willing to stand by his service by providing a guarantee, and offers maintenance programs to take care of your system well into the future.

In the end, it all comes down to trust. Do you trust this contractor to take your vision and turn it into an attractive and functional lighting system for your home? If so, make sure you get a contract that spells out every detail about the type of lighting system you’re buying including the entire cost, so nothing is left to chance.

If you’d like more information about outdoor lighting for your home, contact Elegant Custom Images, your Central Florida exterior lighting experts.