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Landscape lighting plays a vital role in making your home or business’s outdoor area look better and make it safer. However, the contractor you choose will greatly impact how well your job turns out. If you’re looking for a landscape lighting services, do your research and ask them these questions.

  1. What Do You Know and What Are Your Credentials? The first thing to ask is how much knowledge and training the contractor has. Are they part of any trade groups like the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals? Have they taken any classes or lessons in their field?
  2. What are Your Prices? Cost is a big part of any project to improve a home. Ask for a detailed breakdown of the prices, including both labor and materials. The average cost to put outdoor lighting is a few thousand dollars to several thousand, so make sure that the price they give you is in line with what the industry charges.
  3. Do You Have Licenses, and Are You Bonded and Insured? A trustworthy landscape lighting contractor will have all the necessary permits, bonds, and insurance. Ask for their license number and proof that they have liability insurance and bonds.
  4. Will There Be a Written Agreement? There must be a written deal. It should describe the job to be done, what materials will be used, how much it will cost, and when it will be done. This document gives you legal protection and makes sure that both sides know what to expect. It should also include policies about overages and how those costs are handled.
  5. Do you Give Guarantees? Warranties are a sign that a product is good and can be trusted. Ask if the worker will back up their work for at least a year. Some companies even offer longer warranty periods, which can be a big plus.

Getting the right landscape lighting contractor is important if you want your job to go well. By asking these five questions, you’ll have more information to help you make a good choice. At Elegant Custom Images, our contractors are dedicated to executing your project. Call us today to schedule a consultation.