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Landscape lighting brightens the home and brings out its best features. Lighting experts understand how fixtures should be positioned, and how light should be directed for the best results.

But many Orlando area homeowners continue to make common mistakes that can be easily avoided. If you’re doing any of the following three things, then you might not be getting the full benefit of your landscape lighting.

1. Landscape Lighting Out of Balance

Although your outdoor lighting should bring out certain features of your home, it’s possible to create a lighting design that is out of balance. This creates a sharp contrast between the light and dark areas of your home.

In the attempt to accentuate trees and architecture, homeowners overlook smaller areas that still need light. This results in lighting that can be harsh and unpleasant to visitors.

2. Outdoor Lighting Too Much or Too Little

The level of light used can be a personal choice. However, casting too much light is just as detrimental as using too little. Excessively low light can defeat the purpose of your landscape lighting design, and will make your home look empty and lifeless.

Too much light creates areas that are darker than they should be. This creates an unpleasing aesthetic and safety issues around your home. Your lighting should be bright enough to allow visibility and security, while not flooding the entire area with light.

3. Improper Mounting of Landscape Lighting Fixtures

One of the most common mistakes is improper mounting of light fixtures. This is especially common along walkways. Mounting stakes must be sturdy enough to ensure that the fixture does not move over time.

It’s also important to be aware that placing outdoor lights in the grass can cause some issues with your landscapers, since it makes it harder for them to trim and cut if they have to go around light fixtures. It also makes it easier for a landscaper to accidentally cut the lines.

When your lighting is not properly installed, the direction of light becomes uneven, and can change from your original design. Many homeowners fail to notice these changes. Doing a regular check on all of your fixtures and mountings will keep your design looking its best.

Avoiding these common landscape lighting mistakes will ensure that you get the most out of the investment you’ve made in your home. That’s why it’s so important to check the credentials of a contractor you hire to install landscape lighting for your home in Orlando. LED lighting and low voltage lighting should be installed by a licensed professional who has the necessary training and expertise to do the job right the first time.

4 Tools for Outdoor Lighting Industry Should Be Using for landscape lighting installation. 

Homeowners who hire unlicensed contractors often do so to save money. Unlicensed contractors may give you a low ball bid or quote to win your business, but you may wind up with cheap fixtures that will corrode, and that decision could wind up costing you more in the long run. Unlicensed contractors are rarely insured, don’t carry workers’ comp liability insurance and do substandard work. You really do get what you pay for in this business.

Elegant Custom Images is a Certified Low Voltage Contractor, and we are licensed to operate in the state of Florida (#ES12000618). Contact us today for a free estimate, so you can enjoy a landscape lighting design that elevates the look of your home.